We all know that the risk of break-ins is difficult to eradicate, but there are a number of other simple ways to minimize this risk to a minimum, in addition to our household and homeowners insurance and security equipment. Burglars, on the other hand, want to get in and out of your home as soon as possible. If you can make it more difficult for them to enter your property, they will take longer to do so, increasing the chances of them getting caught.

Because most burglaries occur through these points, your main points of entry, such as your doors and windows, are the weakest part of your home. The simplest and cheapest way to strengthen your security and prevent break-ins is to make it as difficult as possible for intruders to get access to your property through doors and windows. You can do this by simply hiring a professional locksmith Lakewood

Outside and inside doors

Make sure you have the strongest doors available, not only on the exterior but also on the inside, as weak doors are easily kicked in. Solid wood or metal doors, as well as those with internal metal enforcement, are the best options. Make sure you have security gates on both the exterior and interior of your home. If you have glass doors, make sure they are not easily broken. In order to prevent forced access, the door jams and door handles should be made of the strongest material possible. Your doors are protected from being lifted out by special hanging systems.


Locks serve as a physical barrier that makes it more difficult for a burglar to gain access to your home. When your locks can be readily unlocked, forced, and, in the case of padlocks, removed and switched, the risk of burglary increases. It is therefore very important to hire the right kind of lock for a given point of access. It’s a good idea to see a locksmith for further information and help. You should be cautious about who you give (additional) keys. If the keys fall into the wrong hands, the lock is worthless. Change your locks if you can’t recall who you handed spare keys to in the past. In order to prevent break-ins, deadbolt locks must be used. Seek advice from your locksmith. If you’re going to use padlocks to secure a door, make sure they’re the best you can afford. Case-hardened steel is used to make high-quality, tamper-proof padlocks. Keep the padlock locked at all times, even while it’s not in use, to prevent it from being removed or switched.


Even if you have burglar bars installed, windows that are not securely closed can allow criminals easy entry. Secure locking systems and break-resistant glass should be installed in both windows and doors. If your windows can be seen from the street, make sure your curtains are drawn when you’re not at home, or at the very least that your valuables are hidden.