Lakewood, WA, USA

Lakewood Locksmith Services

Avoid wasting your time with scammer businesses that advertise very low service calls or similar deals if you require any kind of locksmith service in Lakewood or the nearby locations. These businesses are well-known frauds! These businesses send someone out, who arrives unmarked, in an unprofessional vehicle, and without any locksmith equipment. These people not only damage your house or car, but they also charge hundreds more than what they initially quoted.

When you contact Tacoma Locksmith of Lakewood, you speak with a genuine local locksmith rather than a fake call centre. What we mention when we offer you a price over the phone is exactly what you pay – nothing extra! Instead of raising prices or defrauding clients, we are in the business of offering superior service. You will be considerably pleased and more satisfied with our services if you call us first.

Lakewood Automotive Locksmith Services

Tacoma Locksmith of Lakewood provides the best automobile locksmith services in the industry in terms of knowledge, efficiency, and cost. In addition to key generation and duplication, we also provide car lockout services, ignition, and door lock repairs, and transponder and key fob programming. We have all experienced the frustration of losing or locking our keys in our cars, so we understand how frustrating it can be. We work hard to deliver the best and most timely service. When you contact Tacoma Locksmith, one of our professional locksmith professionals will answer the call right away. All of our professionals have more than ten years of expertise, and some even have thirty or more! There is no need for you to be concerned about poor workmanship, car damage, or other issues. We can make a new key for you or open your automobile swiftly, effectively, and without causing any damage.

We take great pride in working on both luxury and international vehicles. We stay up to date on new key generation and programming techniques. We are the only ones that can create a key for your car! To ensure this we can work on a wide range of cars and also we invest in staying current with the newest software and programming tools. We service many different makes and models of cars. We are often both more affordable and quicker than dealership locksmith services. Give us a call for an immediate price. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Lakewood Residential and Commercial Locksmith Services

In Lakewood, we also offer locksmith services for homes as well as businesses. We’ve all been there- you’re in a hurry and your mind is somewhere else and just as you close the door to your house or office, you suddenly remember that your keys are still inside. But it’s too late now! There are no unlocked doors or windows in your home.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be as difficult and costly as you might think. You can immediately regain access to your home or workplace by making a quick call to Tacoma Locksmith. We are happy to install every variety of residential and commercial lock hardware at Tacoma Locksmith of Lakewood. We can assist whether your locks are rusty and outdated or if you prefer something more contemporary, such as a keypad or Bluetooth lock. We provide rekeying services for those who just want a fresh key. Rekeying includes disassembling your current lock, removing all of the pins, and replacing them with new pins that correspond to a new key. This has a similar result as buying a new lock, but is far less expensive! Any old keys you may have had will no longer function, and you will get entirely new, fresh keys instead.

Instead, if you want new locks, we are more than happy to help. If you decide to buy your own locks somewhere else, we will happily install and rekey them for you so that you just need one key to open all of your locks. We are happy to deliver the hardware to your house if you’d like to buy it from us. Whatever suits you best, Tacoma Locksmith is here to help.