University Place, WA, USA

University Place Locksmith Services

For many years, Tacoma Locksmith has been providing its best services throughout University Place. For University Place and the surrounding areas, we offer locksmith services for homes, businesses, and cars. Our skilled University Place locksmiths are quick, dependable, and always prepared to assist, whether you need to install a new lock on your business or home or have locked your keys in the car.

Residential Locksmith Services

Tacoma Locksmith is a trusted source for residential locksmith services in University Place and the surrounding areas. We all know how annoying it can be to lock your keys inside your home! Thankfully, Tacoma Locksmith takes pride in providing quick and affordable house lockout services. The best part is that we can pick open your home in over 90% of situations without damaging your lock, saving you money on a replacement. However, if you decide that you still want to replace your locks, we can offer lock installations and replacements.

We also install all door lock hardware. This includes doorknobs, keypad-style locks, keyless entry, pitcher handles, lever handles, and deadbolts. Some of the brands we provide include Yale, Baldwin, Kwikset, and Schlage. At Tacoma Locksmith, we never try to maximize profits- we always provide you the best lock that is suitable for your business by keeping in mind your budget too. You never have to worry about us trying to upsell you. Any suggestions that we may offer are offered only to make your home more secure.

Commercial Locksmith Services

We serve commercial establishments in University Place in addition to offering home locksmith services. We are glad and prepared to assist you if you’ve locked yourself out of your building or office, need locks replaced, need your building rekeyed, or need key duplicates. We offer commercial locksmithing services both on-demand and by appointment.

For many business buildings, master key systems are quite common. If you’re the owner or manager of a building, you could find this to be quite helpful. You can set up a master key system so that you don’t need to carry about 30 different keys for all the different doors. Consider a structure that contains a variety of different offices. To prevent unauthorized entry into offices, each person who has an office should have a unique key that is not used for any other office. You own the building, though, so you occasionally need to enter their offices. You can create a master key to save yourself the trouble of keeping track of all your keys!

You can have a single key that opens all of their offices, and each employee can have their own unique key to their particular one. The best part is that setting up this system is simple and inexpensive. If you think this is a nice idea, get in touch with us so we can discuss setting up a master key system and provide you with an exact price estimate.

Affordable University Place Locksmith

When you call locksmith companies many of them will make ridiculous claims about $15 or 20 service calls. No one is this stingy! If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. These businesses are not local locksmiths; they are well-known spammers. They have call centers spread across multiple states or outside of all states. The price always increases to excessive amounts when you call one of these businesses. If you accidentally lock yourself out of your home they will tell you as soon as they get there that your lock is impossible to pick and that they will need to drill it and replace it. They frequently demand hundreds of dollars from you for this! These businesses only have a drill with them; they don’t even have lock picks. We at Tacoma Locksmith of University Place tell you the whole cost upfront when you call. You won’t pay a cent more than what we quote; it is the final price. Avoid wasting time on con spammers by working with Tacoma Locksmith right away. You’ll be greeted politely by a trustworthy, knowledgeable University Place locksmith professional who has dealt with everything.

Automotive Locksmith Services

At Tacoma Locksmith, we also offer all kinds of vehicle locksmith services. Proximity key generation and duplication, key generation, fob programming, key programming, key duplication, and lockouts are among these services. Call us and let us know the year, make, and model of your car, as well as the kind of service you require, and we’ll be able to offer you a precise price in a matter of minutes! Doesn’t matter if you are locked in or out of your vehicle we will be there to help you. We also offer same-day service in the majority of circumstances. To begin right away, get in touch with our University Place locksmiths!